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Después de unos meses de haber anunciado este proyecto, finalmente Emilie publicó su primer entrada en el Asylum Emporium Blog! Fué la oportunidad perfecta para publicar la letra de We Want Them Young

We want them young
We want them fresh
We want them
We want them now!

We want our freedom from this prison
Help us!
Please let us out!

New Inmate:
I should be home by now…
Someone will come for me…

Dr. Stockill:
It was they who sent you to our fine institution
You’re difficult, we are the solution
God, didn’t you know, didn’t you think, didn’t you see

Look to your neighbors
To your friends
Look to your daughters
To your wives
You must release them to our care
You are endangering your lives
Let us relieve you of your burden
From the fear you’re living in
Protect yourselves from their corruption
From their wickedness and sin

It’s far too crowded in this cell
We are not living — we’re in Hell!
When will the tables finally turn?
When will they fall?

When will they burn?

En otra nota, queremos felicitar a nuestros amigos del Asylum Chile en su 4to Aniversario!


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